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Anxiety and Other Stressors

There are many intrusive thoughts that can overwhelm a person and make it difficult to face everyday life. Some describe their anxiety to be on and off throughout the day whilst for others it takes over completely. The most effective way to overcome these stressors and establish a healthy lifestyle is by engaging in our specialized treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders. It is completely possible to live with these stressors in your everyday life. OCD Centers of Utah will empower you to successfully navigate through these challenges so that you can get your life back.

Anxiety can present itself in many ways:

• Excessive worrying
• Irritation or agitation
• Restlessness
• Difficulty concentrating
• Fatigue
• Fidgeting
• Irrational fear
• Panic attacks

If you or your loved one are coping with any of these symptoms, please reach out to us today. Our team of counselors is ready to help!